What did the President of the Meals and Meals Affiliation of Ho Chi Minh Metropolis say?

Ms. Ly Kim Chi – Chairman of Ho Chi Minh Metropolis Meals Affiliation and Chairman of Tan Dong Hiep Group. Photograph: Saigon businessman

Concerning Vietnam’s export prompt noodles merchandise, which have been recalled by some international locations of the European Union (EU) as a result of they comprise Ethylene Oxide, in violation of the EU’s directive 91/414/EEC, I feel it’s essential to have a extremely goal view on this difficulty.

To say that Ethylene Oxide is a banned substance, a pesticide is totally incorrect

Possibly many individuals don’t take note of Ethylene Oxide, however it’s extensively used within the sterilization of meals, textiles, and drugs. Even the masks we use each day, proper on the outer packaging, can learn the phrases disinfected with Ethylene Oxide. Pesticides additionally comprise some quantity of Ethylene Oxide, however that doesn’t imply Ethylene Oxide is a pesticide.

Thus, saying that Ethylene Oxide is a banned substance is totally incorrect. As a result of if it’s a banned substance, the utmost residue stage has not been specified, which implies that it’s allowed for use by default however should adjust to the norm.

There is no motive to make use of Ethylene Oxide when making prompt noodles

Due to its bactericidal properties, Ethylene Oxide has the wonderful capability to disinfect salmonella (inflicting diarrhea, typhoid), so it’s used to kill micro organism in spices corresponding to pepper powder, turmeric powder, combined seasoning packages … or seed truffles.

Due to this fact, a variety of prompt noodle merchandise of corporations in Vietnam and even merchandise of Korea, China, Thailand … exported to Europe had been warned of getting Ethylene Oxide, and had been pressured to be recalled. The perform “is a residue in uncooked supplies derived from agricultural merchandise” as a result of as talked about, Ethylene Oxide is used to kill micro organism and mildew in spices and greens.

Specifically, within the prompt noodle manufacturing course of, there’s a essential step that’s the frying stage to dry the noodles and fry with oil, the temperature will improve to greater than 150 levels Celsius, inflicting microorganisms and fungi. .. are all destroyed. Companies don’t have any motive to make use of Ethylene Oxide for disinfection.

Another perspective from the case

Ethylene Oxide is usually used to kill micro organism in spices corresponding to pepper powder, turmeric powder, combined seasoning packages … or truffles with seeds. Photograph: Merieux Nutrisciences

The truth is, every nation has very totally different laws on the quantity and permits the usage of Ethylene Oxide.

Presently, the worldwide group on meals security has not made a joint decision concerning Ethylene Oxide (EO) residues in meals. Many international locations do not need laws on the usage of Ethylene Oxide in agriculture/meals or its residue. A small variety of international locations and areas have launched laws, however with a big distinction within the foundation and threshold.

For instance, so far, most international locations in Asia corresponding to India, China, and so forth., by which Vietnam haven’t but issued laws allowing or banning the usage of EO in agricultural manufacturing or limiting residues. in meals.

For Europe, since 2005, the EU has launched a definition in Regulation (EC) 396/2005 on residues widespread to 2 parts: “The sum of Ethylene Oxide and 2-chloroethanol expressed as Ethylene Oxide” and solely allowed from 0.02 – 0.1 mg/kg; however the US permits the content material of Ethylene Oxide in dried greens, dried seeds and oil seeds to be 7mg/kg, 50mg/kg for walnuts; Canada this threshold can be 7mg/kg for spices and dried greens.

The truth that every nation or area unilaterally points totally different laws relies upon tremendously on the commerce stability between international locations/areas or every nation’s import-export coverage, technical situations, administration strategies, Shopper behaviour…

Due to this fact, the allowable EO residue restrict for a similar meals merchandise could meet the laws of this nation or area however exceed the allowable threshold of one other nation or area, so “withdrawal in This doesn’t imply that it shouldn’t be used abroad in accordance with the content material ratio prescribed by every nation”.

On that foundation, the belief that utilizing meals containing small quantities of this substance will trigger most cancers as many individuals nonetheless mistakenly consider just isn’t true. As a result of so far as I do know, if customers eat uncooked noodles, then a mean individual has to eat 5 packs / day in a lifetime, then in 1 million individuals could have 10 individuals with most cancers.

Thus, from my private perspective, figuring out EO with pesticides and banned substances after which emphasizing carcinogenicity just isn’t sufficient. Folks must relax, establish clear and correct data to make use of it with peace of thoughts, keep away from pointless worries, have an effect on psychology and well being within the present sophisticated scenario of the Covid 19 epidemic. .

Due to this fact, with the instances which have simply arisen with the model Hao Hao’s noodles Acecook Joint Inventory Firm or dry noodles of Thien Huong Joint Inventory Firm, for my part, companies must verify the standard of enter supplies, in addition to at all times replace all new data and laws from the European market earlier than manufacturing in order that the export doesn’t occur. Sadly, as a result of it is a very strict market, there are at all times new laws, requiring producers to catch up promptly.

Through the interval of the epidemic affecting all facets of society, particularly the economic system, companies are struggling to provide to each present important meals for the individuals and implement “three on the spot”. guarantee security and lodging situations for staff. We additionally don’t put extra strain on companies in order that they will safely produce and serve meals for individuals.

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