Though I have already got an air fryer, there are 5 particular the reason why I’ve to purchase an oven

When it first appeared within the Vietnamese market, the air fryer made many housewives loopy due to the identify – “no oil”. I additionally excitedly introduced house a Philips HD9220 air fryer – the primary mannequin within the Philips air fryer product line, after which realized just a few information:

Although I have an air fryer, there are 5 special reasons why I have to buy an oven - Photo 1.

Philips HD9220 air fryer that I purchased proper after it got here out

– Producers have cleverly taken benefit of the general public’s worry of weight problems and worry of grease to promote the “oil-free fryer” product. In actual fact, any meals preparation methodology that does not use fats could be labeled “oil-free”: steaming, baking, drying, boiling…

Although I have an air fryer, there are 5 special reasons why I have to buy an oven - Photo 2.

– The air fryer cooks meals by heating the warmth rod (mayso wire), then a fan will blow sizzling air to flow into evenly all through the floor of the meals in a slender, closed area to prepare dinner. So, to be exact, this must be known as an air fryer, nothing too divine. And the mechanism of utilizing warmth + sizzling air to course of meals is much like that of an oven.

– To not point out, to prepare dinner scrumptious dishes similar to french fries, fried beans, … with an oil-free fryer, it’s nonetheless essential to unfold a bit of extra cooking oil on the floor of the meals in any other case it would “dry like a tile”.

So, after utilizing the air fryer for some time, I had to purchase a 42-liter devoted oven to resolve the disadvantages of the “air” fryer, as a result of:

1. The oven has a window, however the air fryer doesn’t

Most ovens are designed with a glass window. Relying on the worth you are prepared to spend on the oven, this glass window can have the identical high quality – from plain glass to insulated laminated glass. However whether or not it’s insulated or not, having a clear glass window additionally helps us to watch the meals throughout the complete processing course of with out having to ceaselessly open the oven door. Not a praise, however truly, this glass window may be very useful, guys!

Although I already have an air fryer, there are 5 special reasons why I have to buy an oven - Photo 3.

The candy potato dish baked in an oil-free fryer was burnt as a result of it was not used to retaining the time and did not examine it halfway

On the opposite aspect, most air fryers do not have glass panes, so the person has no method of figuring out the situation of the meals inside if seen from the surface. Pulling out the frying pan to examine the “product” throughout cooking is inevitable when utilizing an air fryer.

2. The oven can serve extra individuals

The smallest capability of the oven in the marketplace is 10L, which is double the big air fryer (5L). Bigger capability means extra meals could be processed on the identical time.

Although I already have an air fryer, there are 5 special reasons why I have to buy an oven - Photo 4.

A batch of 1 kg cashew nuts roasted within the oven

Assuming your own home has friends and must make grilled ribs, a 3L air fryer can not meet it. You’ll have to stand guard, take out the frying pan to shake, pour out the cooked ribs to place in a brand new batch. By the point the final batch of meals was completed, the primary batch had cooled down.

Although I have an air fryer, there are 5 special reasons why I have to buy an oven - Photo 5.

Whereas the air fryer can solely roast 1 ounce at a time

In the meantime, with the oven, every thing is admittedly a lot easier. After the ribs have been marinated with spices, we simply have to put all of them within the oven tray and activate the oven. The meals for dozens of individuals shall be ready on the identical time, and shall be launched on the identical time. This ensures that each one ribs shall be equally sizzling.

3.Ovens make higher use of time

My household likes to eat tofu, peanuts, sesame salt, … so the oven works nice. As an alternative of getting to face roasting peanuts and stir continually till my fingers are drained on the range, or draw and pour in lots of batches with an oil-free fryer, I simply have to unfold the peanuts on the baking tray and put it within the oven, flip the thermostat knob. diploma and select a time after which go do one thing else. Every time like that, you possibly can “roast” a kilo of peanuts within the oven with out having your fingers free.

Or utilizing the oven to bake beans can also be tremendous easy. All you want to do is put the beans on the grill, set the correct temperature and time, after which go decide up the children. Through the time the oven was in operation, I used to be in a position to convey my kids house and wash them clear.

Air fryers cannot do this since you nonetheless have to examine, flip, and refill ceaselessly with giant batches.

4. Ovens do issues that if you happen to use an oil-free fryer, you’ll cry

No kidding! As a result of construction of the air fryer, the area is small, the fan rotates at excessive velocity to prepare dinner the meals in a short while, so if you happen to use the air fryer to course of crumbly, small and light-weight meals like sesame , puffy rice, … positioned straight on a plate or in a bowl, the sturdy wind will blow them away.

Although I have an air fryer, there are 5 special reasons why I have to buy an oven - Photo 6.

Ovens do quite a lot of issues that air fryers have bother with

On the web, somebody shared the right way to roast sesame (sesame) in an oil-free fryer, which is to wrap them in foil, however this manner may be very time-consuming and labor-intensive as a result of customers have to face guard, each jiffy, they’ve to drag out the frying tray, Open the foil package deal and stir or the sesame will burn the place to dwell.

With the oven, it is too easy: simply pour the sesame into the baking tray, unfold it evenly and modify the time and temperature and depart it there for the oven to work by itself. I purchase issues to have it serve me, not comply with the supervision, proper guys?

5. Larger oven, extra work load

The air fryer is nice at heating up a “triangle” of pizza (1/8), however will surrender if you need to make an entire pizza, or roast a complete fish or giant rooster. At this level, what you want is an entire oven.

Although I have an air fryer, there are 5 special reasons why I have to buy an oven - Photo 7.

It is uncommon to seek out an oil-free fryer that may deal with a rooster this huge

The convection oven has a fan to blow sizzling air across the oven, has a rotating grill to assist prepare dinner meals evenly, and has a big grease tray – usually filled with “toys” that will help you unleash your creativity. eat with out an excessive amount of effort.


The oven is a really previous equipment and its energy has been confirmed over 1000’s of years with out having to depend on advertising and marketing tips that focus on shoppers’ worry of grease like an air fryer. There is not an expert chef who does not personal an oven – and an air fryer, I am unsure.