“I silently ordered 50,000 oxygen cylinders three months in the past, if I offered it, I might make 100 billion revenue, however I did not do it, I shared my breath with my compatriots”

Sharing at Livestream on August 27, Chairman of Dai Nam Joint Inventory Firm Mr. Huynh Uy Dung (often known as Dung lime kiln) introduced that he wouldn’t let the sector hospitals lack oxygen, and would offer the ATM’s Affiliation with Oxygen. Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh.

Mr. Dung shared, he ordered 50,000 oxygen tanks three months in the past, together with 21 mini oxygen mills.

“I’ve been getting ready since three months in the past. When the epidemic occurred, essentially the most tough factor was medical provides, a very powerful factor was respiration. A lot of my mates stated to divide the oxygen tank, I stated if I offered it once more. I am positive I could make a whole bunch of billions of revenue for the market, however I can not do this. I need to share it with the neighborhood, the best way to assist my individuals, and for my nation by the ordeal.” Huynh Uy Dung shared.

Entrepreneur Huynh Uy Dung: I quietly ordered 50,000 oxygen cylinders 3 months ago, if I sold it, I could make a hundred billion profit, but I didn't do that, I shared my breath with my compatriots - Photo 1.

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Mr. Dung stated he was very emotional when he heard that charities reminiscent of ATM Oxy, Nhat Tam charity 1-2am carry oxygen tanks into small alleys to assist sufferers, or have their very own medical staff. The ward has solely three oxygen tanks for medical workers to present emergency therapy to individuals.

Mr. Dung introduced that he would offer oxygen tanks to the above items to assist individuals: “I informed my brothers and sisters that I’ll present instant assist subsequent week to the Oxy ATM the place Hoang Tuan Anh is, the youngsters plan to make use of 2000 bottles, massive bottles for subject hospitals, small bottles for individuals’s houses.”

Entrepreneur Huynh Uy Dung: I silently ordered 50,000 oxygen cylinders 3 months ago, if I sold it, I could make a profit of hundreds of billions, but I didn't do that, I shared my breath with my compatriots - Photo 2.

Oxygen gathers in Dai Nam

In keeping with Mr. Dung, three months earlier than the outbreak of the illness, he determined to order 50,000 oxygen tanks within the context that transport was very tough, and discovering transport containers was not simple. “Three months in the past, I dared to signal a contract to purchase 50,000 oxygen cylinders, now you exit to purchase 500 bottles, you’ll be able to’t discover it wherever as a result of we have now not but produced it in Vietnam, or the value is just too excessive, so the items don’t produce it. Once I imported 21 oxygen concentrators, I requested to purchase a bottle, I promised that I might not let the sector hospitals run out of bottles. Mr. Dung stated.

One night time I slept 1-2 hours, once I was drained, I stored fascinated by how I might share with individuals in essentially the most tough time. I gave the employees vaccinations, used my skill even borrowing to purchase oxygen tanks, I purchased 21 oxygen rigs to type a cell staff to share with Binh Duong. I do know that Binh Duong and Binh Dinh cell policemen carry every oxygen tank to the hospital to share in anti-epidemic companies. I thank all of you, when the nation is in hassle, individuals on this area share it with individuals in different areas, this province shares it with one other province, if tomorrow Binh Duong ends the epidemic, the place there’s an epidemic, this variety of oxygen will change into a staff. cell I introduced there to assist my individuals. Life and loss of life are breathed aside, we share our breath.” Mr. Dung acknowledged.

Mr. Dung despatched a message to different businessmen, through the pandemic, they need to “make a reasonable revenue”, “purchase 10 dong minus 10-20% revenue price, what ought to we promote to the individuals on this time of want, if we won’t give, we won’t share, we won’t bear the burden for individuals in tough occasions, particularly the poor, do not do one thing immoral. If you cannot assist the individuals, do not destroy it.”

Mr. Dung additionally shared, 1,000 Dai Nam workers are nonetheless working through the epidemic season, 40% care for the glove manufacturing unit, 60% care for oxygen service, switch bottles, to contribute to the battle towards the epidemic. Mr. Dung additionally confirmed that the oxygen produced in Dai Nam meets the medical oxygen requirements, and the tank is granted a security certificates.

Entrepreneur Huynh Uy Dung: I quietly ordered 50,000 oxygen cylinders 3 months ago, if I sold it, I could make a profit of hundreds of billion, but I didn't do that, I shared my breath with my compatriots - Photo 3.

“I’m able to promote property to assist the nation overcome the epidemic”

That’s the assertion of Mr. Huynh Uy Dung three months in the past, throughout a livestream when he shared about Dai Nam’s epidemic prevention work, and despatched a message to Dai Nam’s workers.

Mr. Dung stated that Dai Nam is a vacationer space, so it typically gathers individuals. When the epidemic had not but damaged out, though there was no route from the federal government, Mr. Dung determined to quickly shut Dai Nam vacationer space as a result of “I can not let an incident of illness unfold occur for a bit of cash, so I am at fault for the neighborhood and the nation.”

Mr. Dung additionally shared that, through the Lunar New Yr, when requested by workers how Dai Nam would put together a marketing strategy for the New Yr, Mr. Dung solely replied: “Let’s put together a vital plan that Tet doesn’t serve due to Covid”.

“I informed my workers upfront earlier than it occurred 10 days after Tet in March of the lunar calendar, the epidemic would re-emerge and final for a very long time,” he stated. Mr. Dung shared.

Dai Nam Chairman additionally stated that he at all times shops meals for 1,000 workers who can reside for 5-7 months.

“Usually, my spouse and I eat 50kg of rice a month, I reserve 200kg, if one thing occurs, we won’t purchase it. Now we have to steer clear of every little thing. As a result of pure disasters, the poor should even have a pot of rice. In case of pure disasters, the crop is not going to be harvested. If the harvest season is nice, they may retailer it away and promote the previous rice. Let’s hold at dwelling one thing that may be saved for a very long time like prompt noodles, jars of fish sauce, and so forth. I decided that I can reside in any scenario, not in a home or a automobile, within the context that if an epidemic happens, this place has one other epidemic, it would assist, if there are a lot of outbreaks, the place can I assist, if I do it myself? In case you may also help your self, that is patriotism.”Mr. Dung shared in regards to the prevention from Might 2021.

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